05-08th June 2019
Montenegro, Budva
Hotel Budva
Harmony hall

Asset Management and Maintenance Awards – AMMA 2019

We invite you to the International Asset Management and Maintenance Awards – AMMA 2019.

The BEST MAINTENANCE MANAGER prize will be awarded for the ninth time during Maintenance Forum 2019.

The previous eight prizes were awarded to maintenance mangers in Serbia through activities of Maintenance Society Clubs, but for the first time it will have an international character.

Awards represent recognition of extraordinary accomplishments in the field of maintenance. They are designed to reward those who directly or indirectly establish, promote and continually improve Asset Management and Maintenance in their organizations.

Meet AMMA 2019 Winners and network with Maintenance Forum participants in hotel Budva.

Rules of AMMA 2019

The nominee shall present to the jury the following documents and/or information:

  • An actualized Curriculum Vitae, showing the various stages in his/her education, training, and work experience.
  • In the case of a maintenance manager of an industrial/public environment - a clear description of his/her role in maintenance department and in the whole of the organization/company he/she is employed in, with special emphasis on the role in investment procedures.
  • If applicable a list of publications or presentations in public forums.
  • In the case of an educational or research institute - a list of publications or presentations in public forums and a clear picture of developments in the field of maintenance initiated or directed by the nominee.
  • In the case of a consultancy environment - a clear picture of projects initiated or directed by the nominee, indicating the results of projects.
  • All information delivered to the jury shall be in digital form and in the English language.

All information shall be directed to the Forum Chairman.

The jury will consist of three members of recognized stature in the AM&M community.

  • The Forum Chairman
  • A member appointed by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Belgrade
  • A member appointed by SKF Serbia

A maximum of 2 (two) nominees shall be recognized as "runner-up" to be awarded by the sponsors.

The awards shall be an encouragement for the recipient and an incentive to further his/her activities n the field of maintenance.

The awards will be presented during the plenary opening session of Maintenance Forum.

Nominating Procedure

We invite you to nominee the best way to reward our colleagues who work hard to implement Asset Management and Maintenance in the fields of design, calculation, organization, technologies, management, logistic support, investment, training and education, literature procurement, etc.

Companies, colleagues, partners are invited to nominate candidates for the Awards no less than two months before the Maintenance Forum during which the awards are to be presented. Nominations shall be approved by the Forum Chairman.

If no candidate is nominated through open invitation, or if the organizer considers the number of candidates insufficient, Forum Chairman has the right to nominate (additional) candidate(s) and present to the jury for further consideration.